A review of all pro digestible solutions

Speaker: Prof Sergio VIEIRA (Univ. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Session 1Transforming feedstuffs into digestible nutrients

Nutritionist: a challenging job!

1st Advancia Academy - May 2017 – Barcelona

Feeding an ecosystem to transform feedstuffs into animal proteins 3 sessions:

1-Transforming feedstuffs into digestible nutrients,
2-Producing desirable meat,
3-Feeding the birds or the bugs: toward nutrition ecology.


Advancia Academy 2017 : Nutritionist: a challenging job!

Introduction to the Advancia Academy 2017: Nutritionist:...

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Feedstuff quality from variation to its appraisals

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Factors of variation of animal digestibility

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Transforming feedstuffs into digestible nutrients

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Product Quality

Meat or not: the consumer perception

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Product Quality

From muscle to meat: physiological and metabolic basis

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