ESPN 2017

Feed intake & Palatability

What drives appetite and feed intake in birds?

54 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Prof Eugeni ROURA and Prof Henry CLASSENA crucial question to support the huge genetic...

Gut Health

What about intestinal barrier or intestinal integrity?

115 views June 16, 2021

Speakers: Prof Richard DUCATELLE, Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEELThe intestinal lumen represents where...

Feed intake & Palatability

ESPN, the occasion to exchange on Facts and think about Future

57 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Prof Birger SVIHUSA big challenge in today broilers: a huge intake and a short time to...


The XXIst ESPN a great success !

22 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Dr Joaquim BRUFAU More than 1700 participants: a great success and an European record!...