IHSIG 2017

Gut Health

The 5th IHSIG symposium on Intestinal Health in Poultry Introduction

79 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Filip VAN IMMERSEEL To stimulate discussions, To promote scientific work on intestinal...

Gut Health

Microbiota: the key target for better gut health

108 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Robert MOORE There is not one ideal microbiota… different between flocks, between...

Gut Health

Microbial ecology : from indigestible fraction to cross-feeding

217 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Richard DUCATELLE More than bacteria profile, metabolites produced by microbiota will...


Reviewing the feedstuffs and their potential effects on gut health

169 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Rommel SULABO How to mitigate risks on gut health with the range and variability of...

Gut Health

Using less antimicrobials results in less resistance.

77 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Jeroen DEWULF Improving biosecurity should be the basis of any disease control program...

Gut Health

A field experience of gut health monitoring

47 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Manoosak WONGPHATCHAARACHAI Investigating the gut microbiota in practical conditions...

Gut Health

The concept of resistance, tolerance and sensitivity to Eimeria in broilers

60 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Damer BLAKE Addressing the relationships between broiler genetics, Eimeria species,...

Gut Health

Enteric diseases in poultry: the virus factor

129 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Holly SELLERS The viral enteric diseases: a difficult diagnostic and a complex...

Gut Health

The future of broiler production: antibiotic-free

92 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Greg MATHIS Interrelationship between Necrotic Enteritis and Coccidiosis in Broilers,...

Gut Health

Histomonas – disinfectant trial

281 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Maarten DE GUSSEM Histomonas: do not forget the indirect transmission, the importance of...

Gut Health

Gut Health: the true worldwide Hot topic

58 views June 16, 2021

Roundtable Not a unique solution but approach complementarity will be key. Diagnostic tools: the...