Small Ruminants

Speaker: Lahlou Bahloul, Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition, Adisseo France S.A.S., 03600 Commentry, France

  • Performances andmetabolic responses to rumen protected methionine supplementation in lactating dairy goats fed two levels of metabolizable protein diets 
  • Performances and plasma energetic parameters in lactating dairy goats fed 3 levels of metabolizable methionine 
  • Methionine supplementation impacts casein gene expression and cell death in the mammary tissue of lactating dairy goats fed low and adequate net energy supplies
  • Methionine supplementation at low and adequate net energy supply in lactating dairy goat 
  • Role of methionine in membrane traffic for milk secretion in the goat’s mammary epithelial cell 

Virtual Roundtables focused on Adisseo Ruminant Research #4/4
When the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) annual meeting went virtual in 2020, Adisseo took its 18 sponsored research trials virtual too. During a series of four Virtual Roundtables, researchers summarized timely trial findings and answered important attendee questions. 


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