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Webinar #6 Egg Quality : an issue when prolonging laying time

377 views January 22, 2021

Speakers: Dr Valérie LECHEVALIER, Dr Vincent GUYONNET, Dr Yves NYS, Dr Joël GAUTRON and...

Nutritional Requirements

Webinar #11 - Net Energy, Feed Formulation and animal performance: How to move from theory to practice?

169 views January 21, 2021

Speakers: Dr Jean Noblet, Dr Pierre-André Geraert and Pierre Cozannet Last June, we completed...

Gut Health

Webinar #10 : Resilient Microbiota and Performance

362 views January 22, 2021

Speakers: Prof Ducatelle, Prof Rychlik and Dr Pierre-Andre Geraert An animal is in fact an...

Gut Health

Improving gut health by modulating the digestive microbiota? New insights from metagenomic studies

28 views June 21, 2021

Speaker: Fanny Calenge Gut healthPlenary Session 3 – Gut health – take on new approaches ESPN...


What is an ideal feed additive for broilers and how can we assess this?

131 views January 21, 2021

Speaker: Prof Steven RICKE, Director of Food Safety, Univ of Arkansas, USA Alternative to...

Gut Health

Steering immune responses using nutritional interventions: should it be pro- or anti-inflammatory?

118 views January 21, 2021

Speaker: Prof Adrian SMITH, Oxford, UK How can we analyze nutritional interventions? Assessing...


Animal welfare : the crucial human dimension

86 views June 22, 2021

Speaker: David Fraser (Univ British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada). JRA 2019 - 13th Poultry...


Transforming feedstuffs into digestible nutrients

64 views June 15, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mike KIDD, Dr Joaquim BRUFAU and Prof Mingan CHOCT Roundtable Session 1:...