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Nutritional Requirements

Low protein diets

507 views January 22, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mike Kidd, Dr Jaap Van Milgen, Leen Wigboldus Dr Pierre-André Geraert The...

Nutritional Requirements

Webinar #5 : Formulating amino acids beyond building blocks

476 views January 22, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mike Kidd, Dr Jaap Van Milgen, Dr Pierre-André Geraert, Leen Wigboldus, Cécile...

Nutritional Requirements

What is CNCPS? The Model and the Cow

308 views March 29, 2021

Speaker: Thomas P. Tylutki, PhD President, AMTS, USA Presentation: The CNCPS feeding system...

Environment Impact

Towards a more sustainable pig production: importance of nutrition

33 views March 30, 2021

Speaker: Dr Jean-Yves DOURMAD (Swine Research Centre, INRA Rennes, France) Presentation: The...

Environment Impact

Improving environmental sustainability of poultry production using innovative feeding strategies

33 views June 21, 2021

Speaker: Bertrand Méda Sustainability Plenary Session 4 – Sustainability ESPN 2019 The 22nd...

Environment Impact

Enhancing the sustainability of poultry systems

188 views January 21, 2021

Speaker: Prof Ilias KYRIYAZAKIS, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle, EU It...

Heat Stress

Feed digestibility under hot conditions

346 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Ravindran, Poultry Science Department, Massey Univ, New Zealand Nutrient...

Environment Impact

The Challenges of the swine industry: Sustainability and environment issues:

55 views June 15, 2021

Speakers: Dr Christian Fink Hansen ; Dr Nathalie Quiniou ; Patrick Chevillon Reducing nitrogen...