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Production Efficiency

Feather pecking: nutritional approaches to reduce/avoid

16 views June 21, 2021

Speaker: Annemarie Mens Layers Plenary Session 2 – Nutrition of layers ESPN 2019 The 22nd...

Gut Health

Improving gut health by modulating the digestive microbiota? New insights from metagenomic studies

28 views June 21, 2021

Speaker: Fanny Calenge Gut healthPlenary Session 3 – Gut health – take on new approaches ESPN...

Gut Health

Campylobacter is not a commensal in chickens and compromises gut health and performance

105 views January 21, 2021

Speaker: Dr Lisa WILLIAMS, Swansea, UK Campylobacter is not a harmless commensal, affecting...

Gut Health

Prof Filip Van Immerseel Highlight on Butyrate

66 views January 22, 2021

Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL gives his highlight on The use of exogenous butyrate, and the...

Production Efficiency

Alimentation des poulets de chair : quelles protéines pour relever les enjeux à venir ? -

1,379 views June 22, 2021

Speakers: Patricia Le Cadre (CEREOPA) Léonie Dusart (ITAVI). JRA 2019 - 13th Poultry...


The pig of tomorrow: technological quality, sensory quality, welfare

79 views June 15, 2021

Speaker: Patrick Chevillon, IFIP, Rennes, France Less fresh meat consumed but more consumer’s...

Environment Impact

The Challenges of the swine industry: Sustainability and environment issues:

55 views June 15, 2021

Speakers: Dr Christian Fink Hansen ; Dr Nathalie Quiniou ; Patrick Chevillon Reducing nitrogen...


Poultry welfare and beak trimming

60 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Thea Van NIEKERK Taking care of welfare for a sustainable laying egg production. With...